Farmstead Artisan Goat Cheeses from Idaho’s Snake River Valley


For nearly two decades, our passion has been the production of the some the highest quality goat cheeses available anywhere. Over that time we’ve watched domestic cheese production increase in both quantity and quality and are excited about the prospects for the future of the industry.  Nevertheless, too few producers are able to avoid the loss in quality that comes from growth and the use of purchased milk, something that we never use here.  As a farmstead operation, we use only the milk form our own herd of Saanen goats.  Fresh milk is pumped from one room to the next, never trucked from location to location.  Everything that goes into the making of our cheeses happens here and only here, a difference that is manifest in each of our cheeses. Whether you're a current or prospective customer, please take some time to learn more about our operation and our cheeses. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy our cheeses as much as we enjoy making them.

-Karen Evans

“Some of the finest goat cheese outside France is being produced under the label of Rollingstone Chèvre.”

- Bon Appetit

“The Rollingstone goat cheeses are among the best -perhaps the best- I have ever tasted... absolutely brilliant taste."

- Susan Bradley,

Pacific Northwest Palette

Steven Jenkins' Cheese Primer names Rollingstone's Goaster and Bleu Agé in his short list of "American Treasures: The Best American Cheeses."

-September 1996

The Saveur 100, "A celebration of our favorite food, people places & things," includes Rollingstone's Bleu Agé in "Why we love the American Blues."

-January/February 1999

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